Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sun Oven Cookies and Cupcakes

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It is finally raining here in Utah, an answer to many, many prayers,  but yesterday was another blistering hot day.  My daughter wanted to make cupcakes for the 4th of July and so I had her try them in the sun oven.  

 We used a regular cake mix and I decided to try the rectangular pan versus a muffin tin because we could fit more cupcakes in. They came out kind of square but they tasted the same.  I stacked the pans using the Sun Oven dehydrator racks. (available at the SLC Honeyville retail store, and at I have tried to stack muffin tins before with canning rings but it was really hard to keep them from falling.  The racks made it so much easier to layer the pans.

 The racks come in a set of three and are made for dehydrating fruits and veggies in the sun oven.  But they also work great for cookies, pizza, and stacking baking pans. If you're wondering how on earth you get cookies to stay put, the racks come with a roll of parchment paper.  This gives you a surface similar to a cookie sheet.  I love this oven!!

 Here are our cookies baking in the sun oven.  I fit all three racks into the oven.  My mom was visiting and she was amazed at all the things we were able to cook using the sun oven.   We made cake mix cookies, click HERE to see that recipe.

The strawberry flavored cookies were perfect for the 4th of July and they were gone right after the picture was taken.  With 5 kids, hungry husband, and grandma those cookies had no chance of hanging around very long.

It is really fun to find new ways to cook and bake using the sun oven.  I am kind sad that it is raining today because I was going to make lasagna and broccoli.  We do need the rain so I am not going to complain.  I am sure we'll have a sunny day soon and I really want to try pizza too.  So many ideas......

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