Saturday, January 5, 2013

Buckets O Fun

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This is my life right now. Moving boxes and 50 some odd buckets carried to the garage to move next week.  I love my food storage but this was crazy.  The buckets are 3 rows deep in this picture.  My husband couldn't believe all this came out of our tiny little storage room.

We are slowly clearing out the storage room and it made me realize how bad my inventory system was..LOL!  I was finding #10 cans of food I forgot I had.  I am making a New Year's resolution to have a better tracking system for what I bring in and out of my food storage.  In my new home I will have a much bigger room and I will be able to visually see the food better.  This time next week the move will be all over and we will hopefully be back to a semi-normal schedule and I will have more enlightening posts :)


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