Saturday, January 26, 2013

Every Needful Thing Newsletter

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 One of my favorite ways to cook without power is with the Global Sun Oven.  I have blogged about the Sun Oven many times (click HERE to see those posts)  I also receive the Global Sun Oven newsletter every month called "Every Needful Thing".  It is chock full of preparedness information and is very well written.  I was shocked when I opened the January 2013 newsletter to find one of my posts highlighted.  I was so excited!!  At Christmastime I wrote a post about cooking our ham in my sun oven and they picked it to add to their link list.  

Click HERE to view the list of all the Every Needful Thing newsletters and also take a minute to sign up for their email list. You only get one email a month with a link to the newsletter.  I highly recommend getting on that list.  They are also in the process of hiring a new editor for the newsletter. If you are interested there is more information through the link above.  

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