Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Still Alive....

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If you didn't know, I moved this past week, in the middle of winter.  And we didn't just move in the middle of winter.....we moved in the middle of the biggest storm of the winter...

 ...AND we had to up and down this canyon!!! It was crazy and exhausting.  But we made it and I am trying to put our life back together :)  We just got internet so I can post again and I actually had time today to make bread.  I haven't made bread since August because we were showing our old house, but I have my bosch back out and I am back to making bread!!

We are trying not to eat the whole loaf at once!! I used the recipe in this link.

There was one thing that I wish I had done before we moved that used my food storage.  I wish I had made more meals in a bag and had them ready to go at our new house.  (meals in a bag are complete meals with all ingredients stored together in one bag)  I do have meals in a bag made, but they were all packed in a box somewhere in my new storage room.  If I had thought ahead I could have had them out so we could have had warm dinners in the new house.   

Hopefully I will be back to regular posting next week. Moving is so time consuming and exhausting, but we love our new home and town so much that it is all worth it!!

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