Monday, March 2, 2015

Prepare Today Newsletter-- March Edition

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As part of my calling in Church, I hand out a monthly newsletter on  preparedness.  I had a request to share it online so I will try to get it posted here once a month on, or around, the first Sunday of the month.  This month we are focusing on stocking our freezers and making freezer meals.  

Our lesson this Sunday in Relief Society included a request from our compassionate service leader to freeze the leftovers from our meals, or even make a little extra and freeze it.  Having these freezer meals will help tremendously in serving those in our ward and neighborhoods.  With each of us doing a little part we can help so many. 


  1. excellent idea. im sure those at your church appreciate getting them - expecially with the recipes. wish I lived in your area of the country. my parents lived in Idaho before I was born and I always heard great stories about the northwestern past of the states. im stuck in florida, retired, and don't have the means to move to a better area.
    thanks for all the great posts.

    1. Thank you so much maggi g! I really appreciate your kind words.


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