Saturday, March 7, 2015

Self-Reliant Saturday-- Freeze it!

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Do you use your freezer as part of your 3-month storage?  If not, you should be!  I know there are skeptics that say you shouldn't use your freezer in case of a power outage, but for a short-term emergency such as a job loss, money issues, etc, having food stored in your freezer could be a lifesaver.  I love having a few freezer meals in my freezer for busy nights, nights that my kids cook, and the nights I just don't feel like cooking.  This week's challenge is to freeze a few meals for a future need.  Remember that freezer meals will only last about 3-6 months.  Label them well, with the date and reheating instructions!! If there is pasta in your recipe under cook by a few minutes so it doesn't become mushy when thawing.

Check out the Dinner Is Ready blog for great info on creating freezer meals.  I have used Deanna's method of making 30 meals in one day before and it really helped me when my kids were little and dinnertime was really stressful.  Click here to see her blog.


  1. I have done freezer cooking many times. I agree it was helpful when the kids were little. My daughter in law just had a baby and I took her 20 meals for her freezer and 12 freeze dried meals in a jar.
    Food in the freezer is a must. I just always make sure I have jars on hand to have the ability to can it if I needed to.

    1. I love this!!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of making them for a new baby. What a lucky daughter in law :) And canning essentials are a must for a power outage.

  2. Have you ever done a feature on Freeze Dried food in a jar? Such a great way to rotate your storage.

  3. Oh. Duh! Just looked at the side bar! Silly me.

  4. I was wondering if you have any websites that you would recommend of preparedness and frugal living?

  5. Food Storage and Survival is a great website for frugal ideas. I also use pinterest to find ideas on frugal food storage. I hope that helps :-)


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