Monday, April 9, 2012

Prepare Today Homemade- Cottage Cheese

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Making cottage cheese is one of those skills that I want to know I can accomplish before an emergency.  There are many recipes and how-to's on the web but this recipe is by far the easiest to make.  My friend Jodee sent it to me and I like this recipe because it doesn't require any weird ingredients that you wouldn't normally have on hand.  I make this recipe when I need a ricotta filling for stuffed shells, lasagna roll ups, and ravioli.  To eat this as cottage cheese I would add a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt to make it creamier. 

 Powdered milk and vinegar are all you need to make cottage cheese.

After the milk is heated you will need to drip the vinegar around the edge of the pan and I like to use a medicine dropper.  

Add 2 C of water and 3/4 C powdered milk to a pan and stir with a whisk until the milk is incorporated.  Turn the heat on to medium and stir continuously until the milk starts to steam.  

Once the milk is steaming remove the pan from the burner and gently drip 3 T vinegar around the edges of the pan.  Gently stir once or twice and let the pan sit for 1 minute.

 The milk will start to curdle immediately.  The whey is yellow in color and the cottage cheese is white.

Pour the liquid into a small colander and run hot water over it and then run cold water over the mixture until all the whey has drained off (about 1 min)You can save the whey to put in smoothies, use as plant water, or into any baking that requires water.  

 You'll end up with about 1 C of cottage/ricotta cheese.  I use a fork to squish the remaining water out.

 This is the amount you'll get out of one batch.  The last step is to salt to taste.  I made three batches to equal about a 16oz container of cottage cheese.  I am making lasagna roll-ups for dinner tonight and that should be enough.  For a creamier cottage cheese add a small amount of sour cream or plain yogurt.

Cottage Cheese
2 C water
3/4 C powdered milk (non-instant from the cannery)
3 T vinegar (or lemon juice, vinegar is cheaper)

Combine the water and powdered milk in a pan and whisk until combined.  Turn on heat to medium and heat the milk, stirring constantly, until milk starts to steam.  Once steaming, remove from heat and slowly drip the vinegar around the edges of the pan.  Stir gently once and let sit for 1 min.  Pour into a small colander and rinse with hot water, then cold water until all the whey is gone and water runs clear, about 1 minute.  Using a fork press the remaining liquid out of curds.  Salt to taste.  Use in any recipe calling for ricotta or cottage cheese.  To eat is as cottage cheese add a small amount of sour cream or plain yogurt. 

And hey, if it doesn't work you could make some of THESE!!


  1. How does the taste compare to store-bought cottage cheese?

    1. Anything homemade isn't going to taste like the store bought version, but if you add yogurt or sour cream to make the cottage cheese creamier it will be close. I really like it for baking versus just eating it plain. I hope that helps.


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