Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taco Soup For A Year

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My Preparedness Binder needs an intervention!!

 I have been going through my preparedness binder and trying to organize all the random info I have gathered and put it all in order. I found a whole section on cooking with food storage and I needed to add it to my recipe binder. 

My Recipe Binder

When I made my food storage recipe binder I wanted all of my recipes in one binder so I wasn't hunting down recipes in an emergency.  (click here to see my recipe binderMy new addition to my binder is an Emergency Food Prep. section.  It contains recipes that require little cooking and use only shelf stable items.  In an emergency I would only have to flip to this section and know I could make a meal on my butane stove or sun oven or thermal cooker. 

I found all of the recipes online in several different places.  Click HERE, or HERE to see some of them.   I have quite a few recipes that I can't find online anymore.  I will keep looking but I think they were from the Blue Chip Group, which was bought out by Augason Farms, and their website no longer contains the recipe book the Blue Chip Group had.  I will keep looking for it because it contained many, many recipes using canned and basic storage items. 

One of the recipes that I wrote down was a Taco Soup recipe. It uses all shelf stable items and would be easy to make in a thermal cooker or wonderbox. Along with the recipe was a list of ingredients to have on hand to make it 12 times a year.  If you made this once a month for your family for a whole year you would need.....

Taco Soup
12 pints (12 lb canned ground beef or equivalent of TVP)
12 packs taco seasoning (or make your own mix)
12 packs ranch dressing salad mix
12 15oz cans kidney beans (or cook your own 12x1/2C)
12 15oz cans black beans (or cook your own 12x1/2C)
12 28oz Rotel Mexican style diced tomatoes
12 cans whole kernel corn 
12 3oz cans diced green chilies
Dehydrated onions 24 T (enough for 1-2 T onion for each recipe)
Sour Cream powder (for garnish)
Cheese (freeze dried)
Ingredients for homemade tortillas

To prepare one dinner:
Brown 1lb beef and add 1-2 T dried onion.  Add the beans, seasonings,tomatoes with the juice, corn (only drain if you have extra water, if water is scare use the water from the corn), and chilies.  Simmer for 30-1 hour on low.  In a slow cooker:  4-6 hours on low, 6-8 on high.

Make homemade tortillas and cut into strips.  Fry in a little oil.  Serve the soup on top of the chips, with a dollup of sour cream and cheese.  

If this is something your family would enjoy, go get the ingredients today and have the peace of knowing you have at least one meal done!!  Maceys grocery store has most of the canned items as part of their case lot sale until 4/24/12.

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