Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Rule of Three

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Rule of Three - Backwoods Home Magazine

"We have some prepared neighbors who abide by what they call the Rule of Three (see Issue #111, May/June 2008). What this means is they have one main and two backup methods of doing whatever needs to be done (in other words, a backup to their backup). Cooking, heating, lighting, and communications are all aspects that need backups of backups in case the primary method(s) are incapacitated.
These neighbors are off-grid, so having that Rule of Three for everyday necessities has allowed them to live comfortably under conditions many of us would find difficult. So in your preparations, think in terms of multiple backups in case your primary source fails."
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Great advice!!  My biggest concern is cooking without power.  I have a Sun Oven but even here in Utah we don't have sunny days everyday.  My backup is my butane stove and Saratoga Jacks thermal cooker.  My backup to my backup is my Volcano stove.  The Volcano stove would use the most fuel in my case.  I only have a few bags of charcoal and no propane, but I could use wood.  On the other hand I have enough butane canisters to last me quite awhile with my butane stove.  This is why I try to use at least one of these cooking methods at least once a week.  Practice now will allow me to cook food for my family of 7 in an emergency.  Nothing drives me crazy more than a room full of kids who claim they are starving and they wanted dinner like 20 minutes ago. I can't imagine learning how to cook in my Sun Oven without ever using it before.  Those first few loaves of bread had a lot left to be desired. 

  Now remember The Rule of 3 when it comes to preparedness!!  Can you ever be too prepared?? 

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