Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chef Tess' Meals In A Jar- Breakfast Edition!

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Today I attended another great class at Honeyville Grain, taught by the rockstaress of food storage, Chef Tess.  (aka Stephanie Peterson)  Chef Tess hails from Arizona so it is a real treat to be able to see her in person.  She has mastered the meals in a jar concept and has used her chef skills to come up with some amazing "food storage" meals in a jar.  I say "food storage" because the meals are great for an emergency, BUT they are too fabulous to just store away downstairs.  They are perfect for everyday meals!!!  

Chef Tess AKA Stephanie Peterson at Honeyville Grain

Today's class was all about breakfast meals in a jar.  Who knew there could be a whole class on breakfast meals that come in a mason jar??  I was really excited to see what Chef Tess came up with.  She didn't disappoint, and her ideas really motivated me to amp up my breakfasts.  Cold cereal and an occasional oatmeal are seen at my breakfast table and I really needed some new, healthy ideas for my family.  The meals that Stephanie shared were so unusual but so tasty at the same time.  

Stephanie has created many meals that use freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients to create warm, yummy meals.  Check out her blog HERE to see more on her 52-Jar Method.  It really is a great way to have EDIBLE food storage MEALS!  

Baked Ziti from Chef Tess- find it on her blog

 In the class Chef Tess made 3 different jarred meals and I loved all of them!  She made "Country Sausage, Hash Brown and Pepper-Cheese Scrambled Egg Breakfast", "Carmel Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Breakfast Pudding", and "Chef Tess '6 Grain Carrot Cake Breakfast Pudding".  Don't be scared of that last one.  I for one was and I took a tiny nibble of it and then quickly finished off my serving.  It was really, really good!  And yes you heard it can have chocolate for breakfast :)  The chocolate added to the farina is pure genius!! 

I came home from the class and made some of the Chocolate Truffle Pudding because it was so good. We really like Cream of Wheat at our house and I have really wanted to find a new way to make it and this is definitely a new way.  (fyi- Cream of Wheat is the trademark name of Farina wheat)

Caramel Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Breakfast Pudding
 Chef Tess' Caramel Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Breakfast Pudding &  find Chef Tess on facebook and twitter

I used strawberries instead of raspberries because that is what I had on hand.

1 C Honeyville Farina (Cream of Wheat is the trademark name of farina)
1/4 C Honeyville Chocolate raspberry hot cocoa mix 
1/4 C dark baking cocoa powder (dutch)
1 1/2 t butterscotch powder flavor
1/3 C dehydrated honey powder or sugar
1/3 C Honeyville freeze dried raspberries

Layer the ingredients in order into a pint mason jar.  If it looks like it won't fit, shake the jar (not up and down just jostle the jar a little) or tap the edge of the jar until the contents settle.  

To make:  Bring to a boil 4 C of water and add contents of jar.  Cook 3-4 minutes, stirring until thickened.  Serves 4.

 To make this breakfast in a jar shelf stable you will need to get all the oxygen out of it.  To do this you can put an oxygen absorber in the jar and close the lid and ring,  OR use your foodsaver to suck all the air out and give it an airtight seal.

 I use a foodsaver canister to seal my jars but you can use the foodsaver jar attachments too.  The shelf life of the jars sealed is 7-10 years!!

Click HERE for the carrot pudding,  and HERE for a breakfast ham and zucchini recipe.

When I make a quart sized meal in a jar we use a funnel to keep the mess to a minimum, but with the pint jars it was easier to just measure directly into the jar.  As always I had a "helper" in the kitchen.  She is 4 and this is a perfect job for her!

 Honeyville's freeze dried strawberries  are really good!  My kids eat them mixed with the freeze dried apples for a snack.  They retain their shape during the freeze drying process and look just like a strawberry.  I wish I had a picture of the raspberries because they look exactly like little raspberries but dry.  And I want to mention that my daughter's hands are not dirty but have cocoa powder on them from making the mix :)  

Another great idea to add some needed protein to your breakfast is to add soy protein powder.  Honeyville, of course, sells it and it has no flavor so it can be added to anything.  I add it to oatmeal, smoothies, shakes, cream of wheat, etc.  I only add 1 T or less to a serving of oatmeal or cream of wheat.  


  1. I love these ideas... I love chef Tess... So excited...

    1. Yay! She is so fun to see in person. She is a crack up and had us laughing so hard!

  2. Awe! You're soooo sweet! Thanks for the great post and review! Love you sweet lady!

    1. This is one of the top viewed posts on my blog :) You are a hit with everyone!! I can't wait to see what you have coming up next!!


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