Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chilling With My Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker

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I am not shy when I talk about the Saratoga Jacks Thermal cooker here on my blog.  It really is a favorite kitchen appliance that I use in my daily cooking.  All of my posts on the thermal cooker have been heating the food up to a boil and then slow cooking it in the cooker base.  Well, yesterday I needed to take a pasta salad to a neighborhood party and guess what I used as my cooler??  Yup, my Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker!!  

 While I prepared my salad I placed my pots into the freezer.  Normally if I had the time I would have had them in the fridge chilling, but I forgot to do this beforehand.  They were only in the freezer about 15 minutes so I don't think it hurt the pans.  I made THIS pasta salad.  Then I chilled the salad in the larger pan in the fridge until we left for the party.  Since my salad didn't take up all the room in the larger pot, I added some chilled mini carrots to the smaller pan and stacked them together.  This way my pots will stay colder longer.  

 Into the fridge went the pots and I was set for the party.  I can't tell  you how easy it was to transport this salad too.  The pans went right into the cooker base and I carried it easily to the car.  I noticed all the other salads at the party with the plastic wrap and tin foil covers.  I loved just opening the cooker and serving my salad from the larger pot.  Plus I didn't have to search for my missing plastic wrap after the party, I just closed up the cooker and took it to my car. 

There are multiple ways you can use the thermal cooker for cooling;  popsicles at the pool or park, ice cream, or ice cream sandwiches, pasta and potato salads, cut up veggies and dip, greens for a salad in the larger pot and veggies in the smaller top pot (no wilting and can mix salad when ready to serve),  water or sports drinks at the kids sporting events, and the list could go on and on!!  I love this thermal cooker, I mean cooler :)

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  1. You got me started with my own Saratoga Jack's Thermal Cooker! I love it! I love your posts!

    1. Thanks Linda!! I truly love using it!!


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