Saturday, June 16, 2012

Emergency Splints

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I have had the itch to purchase these emergency splints for awhile now. 

 On Sunday, the sweetest lady named Winona, brought a package of emergency inflatable splints to church to show everyone how great they would be in an emergency.  She told us the story of her daughter breaking her arm at the YWCA as a child, and all they had to splint  her arm was a Time magazine.  Her husband is a retired physician and he gave her the thumbs up on this product.  This was the nudge I needed to go and buy them.  I have had the ad for Recreation Outlet on my counter for 2 weeks and after Winona brought the splints to church I knew I needed to buy them.

Recreation Outlet is a dangerous store for me to go into.  :)  I want to buy one of everything, but I decided I could use self-restraint and go for my intended purchase, Emergency Splints. (it was a good idea in theory, but we did buy more) They are only $2.99 for 4 splints.  I tried them out on my kids and we were able to blow them up and deflate them several times, so I don't think they are a one-time use splint.  I couldn't find on the package if it said they could be deflated, but we just poked the straw a little further into the splint and let the air out.  

The package comes with 4 splints and a tourniquet. The package says 2 arm splints, 1 calf, and 1 thigh splint.  They are all an adult size and even the smallest splint was longer than my forearm.  On the package it looks like it would fit the forearm but they are larger than depicted.

 They were really easy to blow up and inflated quickly.  My kids thought it was fun, even though my daughter looks not quite sold on the idea.  As I said before we deflated them just as quickly, but in an emergency I would imagine they would have to be cut off when the injured person reached a doctor.  I had to squeeze the splint against their arms to deflate and I am sure that wouldn't be comfortable if their arms were really broken. 

 The splint covered my 12 year old's forearm and elbow and it really got quite tight.  
The back of the package.
So, for the low price of $2.99 I purchased several of these to have on hand.  I hopefully will never need them, but they are a great addition to our first aid kit.  (and yes I couldn't resist, I purchased several other things too before I could get out of the store)

Recreation Outlet
3160 S. State St.


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