Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food Storage Teacher Gift- Take 2

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This is totally last minute for some of you but this is what my kids are giving their teachers this year as a thank you.  (this is what we did last year) I save soda bottles for my water storage and I have saved these empty ones for months so I could make these gifts.  

 We stuffed the soda bottles with some of the teachers favorite things, like candy, soda, gift cards, school supplies, etc.  To do this cut a flap (don't cut off the flap, you'll need to tape it back to the bottle) out on the side of the bottle (sorry no photo)  and tuck all the goodies inside.  Then tape closed the flap and place the label over the top of it.  

 This is a top view of the bottles and you can see all the goodies inside.  

 The label we made said "Bottled Especially For - teacher name- By the 'family name' bottling company"  I covered up my daughter's name but her name is under the strip of paper and my kids wanted their birth year instead of this year's school year :)  Now it looks like the bottled has "aged" since their birth, it should be tasty by now :)  I added a bow after I took this to finish it off.  If you have any water storage using soda bottles you could easily put together a gift for Father's Day, Graduation, or birthdays. 

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