Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Home Pharmacy - By Tracy Gibbs, PhD

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I was able to attend a book launch for "My Home Pharmacy" by Tracy Gibbs last week at The King's English Bookstore.  This book fits perfectly into any preppers home library.  Tracy feels his book is different, in that, it's a cookbook of lost recipes and how foods and herbs can be your medicine.  He said most other books let you know what to use for a certain ailment but doesn't act like a cookbook with exact recipes, like his does.  Tracy has several chapters explaining the history of herbal medicine and how we have lost touch with it.  He also goes through what should be in your home pharmacy, descriptions of all the herbs you will need, and then recipes on how to make different formulas.  

 I was very impressed by Tracy, his knowledge, and the recipes that he shared.  He made a cold/flu drink for us that night, and it was interesting to say the least.  It consisted of apple juice (for taste), honey, garlic, and cayenne.  That drink would kill any kind of germ inside your body.  I had clear sinuses when we left. It was like drinking fire :)  But if conventional medicine wasn't available you would need to know how to make these recipes.  I know I could drink the cold/flu mixture, but it would be a hard sell to my kids.  But I feel that having the knowledge of how foods and herbs can be our medicine is really important.  I am not going to wait until an emergency to try these out.  I feel it is worth trying and implementing these recipes into my life now. And for only $10 it's a great deal as well!

You can find it on HERE.

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