Saturday, November 3, 2012

Preparedness Begins With You!

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Images from Hurricane Sandy are everywhere and they are shocking!  The nightly news is filled with victims who are in shock and don't know how they are going to start their lives over again.  My heart goes out to all of these people and I hope some sense of normalcy will come to their lives soon!  

While watching one news story I listened to a woman who lived on the 19th floor of an apartment building and she had to walk down 19 flights of stairs to try and find water.  When she got to her neighborhood store there wasn't any water to buy.  

Gas stations are out of gas!  Cars are lined up for miles waiting because news of more gas was coming, but none has shown up yet.  
 Homes are literally gone in some areas.  One woman walked a mile to finally find what was left of her home among the debris.   

 Each of these stories led to an angry rant from the people in them.  They were yelling at the cameras that the government needed to be there to help them immediately! I couldn't get that out of my mind.  Yes, these people were in shock, but to blame the government for not being there the next morning to fix everything, was not going to solve anything !!  Being prepared will allow you to survive the days and weeks following a disaster.  YOU will be responsible for your own well-being, not someone else or some agency.  The woman who lived on the 19th floor had proper forewarning of the storm, but didn't she think that she would need enough water for a week or so after the storm?  Did she not play the what if game?  What if the power goes out?  How many times will I need to walk up and down 19 flights of stairs?  If the whole city is in chaos will I have enough food and water until there is help on the way? How will I get my dog outside for bathroom breaks? And the questions could go on and on!!  I don't think many of these people asked themselves the basic questions like these, or even thought they would be without power or gas!!  I thought Katrina was a wake-up call, but it obviously didn't wake up too many people in America.  It CAN happen, it CAN happen to you, and YOU need to be prepared!!!!! 

Have a 72-hour kit ready to go! Many people left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs!  Keep a car kit in your vehicle!!  If you were working in downtown New York and the subways were flooded, how would you survive until you got home?  These situations can be applied to more than just a hurricane.  I live in earthquake territory and the same applies here too.  My husband and children could very well be at work and school when an earhtquake hits.  They need emergency kits!!  Think ahead, plan ahead, and be prepared!! YOU can do it!!  YOU can help yourself and your family!!  

After watching several news stories I was watching a late night talk show and Jamie Lee Curtis was a guest.  She came out onto the set with a backpack filled with emergency supplies that you should keep under your bed for an emergency situation.  I was so excited that she was promoting this on national television!! Maybe, just maybe, people in America will start to get prepared!!  Watch the video clip below.

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  1. I've had some of your same thoughts. Sigh...the lessons from Hurricane Katrina seemed to be forgotten, and now we have another repeat.

    1. It is a sad thought that no one thinks it will happen again or to them.


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