Monday, November 12, 2012

Prepare Today Homemade - Orange Rolls With Orange Glaze

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I love when I find a recipe that makes a food I love easier to make!  I have made several recipes with Honeyville's scone mix and they have worked out so well that I wanted to try orange rolls, and the scone mix was perfect for it!  It really was so simple to mix, rest, roll out, and bake. 

 To make the rolls orange I used a powdered orange flavor, made by Mix-A-Meal.

Honeyville Grain also sells the powdered flavors made by the Mix-A-Meal ladies and I have been trying to incorporate them into my recipes. They were originally made to use in the Mix-A-Meal bulk mixes and cookbook, but they have a place in everyday cooking as well.  There are many more flavors than in the picture, but those are the ones I use the most.  What is so great about the powdered flavor is they mix into liquid without separating and the flavor doesn't bake out when the food is cooked or baked.  It has been really fun trying to incorporate these into my recipes and also finding new recipes to use them in.  

Orange Rolls 
To make the orange rolls I made the scone mix just like I did in THIS POST BUT I added 1 t of the orange flavor powder to the dough mix.  And instead of cutting them into a scone shape I rolled out the circle of dough and cut it into triangles and rolled them up into a cresent roll shape.  I let them rise for about 25 minutes on a cookie sheet and then baked them at 350° for around 12 minutes.  

My kids had been playing in the snow while I made these and when they came in they devoured them!!!  Literally gone in minutes!!  The orange glaze on top of the orange rolls made these and was so simple to make!

Orange Glaze for Orange Rolls
1 T butter softened
1 1/2 T water
1 t orange powdered flavor (you could do a lemon and orange mix)
1 C sifted powdered sugar 

Mix all ingredients until smooth.  Add more water or powdered sugar to reach desired consistantcy.  Brush on rolls while warm.  

I am not normally one to experiment in the kitchen.  I like to follow a recipe exactly like it is written, so this is so fun for me to add a powdered flavor to a recipe and have it work out.  The Honeyville Scone mix has also given me the freedom to create different rolls, breadsticks, scones, pizza pockets, etc. with great results.   


  1. I'll be honest-ever since I saw you post a picture of these on facebook I have been hoping and praying you'd share the recipe. I love orange rolls and scones so I am sure these are amazing!

    1. I just realized I left out the orange powder measurement to the dough mix. I added it to the post!! AGggghhhh....sometimes I wish I had an editor!! I hope you like them too! We LOVED them!!


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