Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reality Preparedness with Barbara Salsbury

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Knowledge is power!  I don't think you can ever be done learning and studying.  I love to find new preparedness gadgets and books.  So, when I found out Barbara Salsbury was speaking at Honeyville Grain, I was so excited!!  Barbara is what you would call, an emergency preparedness expert.  She has lived through major earthquakes, family job losses, and has written several books on her experiences.  Click HERE to view her website with all of her information and books. 

Barbara has so much knowledge about how to survive AFTER the disaster, and with her sense of humor, we had a fun class!

 As you cans see by her real Preparedness Basics, Barbara is hilarious!  But she really does know her stuff.  Depending on the type of disaster there will be different ways of cooking, heating, and hunkering down.  If you are staying at your home or packing up and leaving, there will be very different things you will need for each situation.  Evacuating will require backpacks and portable foods and necessities.  Hunkering down will hopefully allow you to use your storage, and in worst case scenario you can live in a tent in the backyard.  It was really interesting to listen to someone who lived through a major earthquake and to know what really happens.  After the initial shock the city was silent, and it was days before help arrived to those that needed it.  Does that sound familiar??  Hurricane Sandy is in that same situation!

The sign in the picture says it all:  "You're really on your own!  It's called responsibility.  There is no knight in shining armour!  What the government (city, state, federal) won't/can't be...."  You need to be prepared for the weeks following a disaster.  No one will be there to help you, but you and your family!! Take her advice seriously and be ready.

 Make all crises and disasters more bearable!  Having the visual of a teddy bear will help you think of what things provide comfort for your family.  For one family it may be a generator so movies can be watched, or chocolate/candy for another family.  Know what it is for your family and be prepared.  It may sound silly to have comfort items, but think about the stress and uncertainty if your world was torn apart.  And the only thing that seemed normal was having some chocolate after dinner.  

I learned so much from Barbara and had such a good time!  Are you jealous yet?  Don't worry, you are in luck! If you would like to hear her speak come this Saturday, November 10th at 4:00 pm at Honevyille Grain in Salt Lake City.   1850 S. 389 W.  She will be speaking about having to evacuate your home and all the details that go along with that situation.  In light of recent hurricanes I would highly suggest you get your homes and families prepared, and this class is a great way to begin, or supplement what you already have. 

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